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Entry Material Requirements
Terms & Conditions

Categories & Criteria

  • Projects ranging in the value of R50 Million to R250 Million
  • Projects with a value less than R50 Million
  • Projects with a value greater than R250 Million and less than R1 Billion
  • Projects with a value equal to or greater than R1 Billion
  • Best International Project
  • Engineering Technology and Innovation - HVAC Building Design Excellence
  • Engineering Technology and Innovation - Automation and Control in Plant Systems Excellence
  • Business Excellence
  • Young Company of the Year
  • Mentoring Company of the Year
  • Young Engineer of the Year
  • Mentor of the Year
  • Lifetime Industry Achievement Award
  • Visionary Client of the Year Award

Entries will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  1. Quality of engineering design
  2. Ingenuity, originality and innovation
  3. Management of planning and technical design
  4. Aesthetics of engineering elements
  5. Budgetary compliance
  6. Unusual construction methods
  7. Influence of consulting engineer on conceptual design
  8. Complexity and sophistication
  9. Responsibility carried by consulting engineer (risk)
  10. Environmental, social and economic sustainability
  11. Responsiveness to needs of client and community
  12. Meeting the client’s deadlines for readiness
  13. Logistics – (only relevant for International Projects)


All JV partners (CESA Members Only) must be listed on the pre-entry form and a signed letter of consent from each JV partner must accompany the pre-entry form. Failure to submit this with your pre-entry form will result in your pre-entry being disqualified. Only JV partners that are members of CESA will be recognised during the Awards Banquet.

All Nominated mentor companies must be able to submit evidence of the following:

  • A documented and structured mentoring policy and process – embedded in the firm’s Workplace Development plan
  • Records of employee impacted by the mentoring programme, and evidence on progress to date of the programme
  • Evidence of mentor’s registration and company’s commitment and undertaking in accordance with ECSA regulations
  • Written reports comprising 300 – 600 words from approximately 5% (but not fewer than 2 reports) of those mentored in the firm detailing their experience that clearly illustrates the effectiveness of the firm’s mentoring programme

Entry Requirements

Failure to comply with the entry requirements will result in disqualification.

  • 2 x  hard copy submissions,
  • 3 x USB electronic copies
  • Executive summary of the project of no more than 200 words
  • All flash sticks must contain an MS Word version of the written submission.
  • Photos:  a minimum of 20 high resolution photos are required for each entry.  All photos used must be titled correctly. 
  • Photos must be jpg format of at least 1MB minimum and should be 1920 x 1280 in size.
  • Company logos in JPG format of 1920 x 1080 pixel size minimum 1MB

• MP4 Video footage and cell phone footage may also be supplied for use in the Awards. Should you wish to film footage of your project using your cell phone please ensure it is filmed horizontally ie:  shape of a plasma tv screen.

• Cassette tapes and DVD will not be accepted

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Only member firms of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) may submit projects or nominations.
  2. In the case of projects submitted, the entry must be the original work or an adaptation of another design system, or it must incorporate proprietary design systems.
  3. The project or relevant stage of the project forming the subject of the submission, where applicable, must have been completed satisfactorily for the beneficial use by the Owner not more than 24 months prior to the due date for submission (23 May 2019).
  4. Acknowledgements must be made to the Owner, Contractor and any other design professionals associated with the entry for mention in the Awards Magazine only (see Appendix B). The Awards certificate will only make mention of the consulting engineer and the client.
  5. All JV projects must submit a signed letter of consent from their JV partners. This letter must be sent in with the pre-entry form. Failure to submit this letter with your pre-entry form will result in your entry being disqualified.
  6. All JV partners (CESA members only) will be mentioned and their logos included in the Multi Media presentation and the Awards Magazine unless we are advised to the contrary, in writing. Also, it is the responsibility of the firm submitting the entry to sort out any issues with JV partners.
  7. The firm submitting the entry must not be involved in, or have any knowledge of any possible litigation or allegations of corruption (project/Initiative/person), dispute or claim involving the entry.
  8. The judges reserve the right to cancel or re-arrange any of the categories due to insufficient entries or for any other reason and the decision of the judging panel is final. All results will be audited by CESA Auditors.
  9. Entrants are advised that details of their entry will be published in an industry specific magazine which will be distributed at the Awards Banquet.  Members have an opportunity to advertise their firms at their cost.
  10. The information received by the organisers may be submitted in its entirety to the publisher of the industry specific magazine for inclusion in the publication and entrants should be mindful of submitting information that might be regarded as sensitive or confidential as it will be in the public domain. If you do not want the information to be published, DO NOT SUBMIT IT UNLESS IT IS A CRITERIA FOR ADJUDICATION!
  11. The Awards may be carried as a separate section within the magazine, or published separately with its own cover, but distributed together with the relevant issue.

    As such, entrants are reminded that the information they submit will be accepted verbatim by the publishers and therefore should be checked and approved by all parties, clients etc., and prior to submission thereof.
  12. Entrants should be aware that their information will undergo an editing process, necessary to ensure that both entrants and category winners can be accommodated within the pages of the magazine as well in the script of the Multimedia.
  13. Submitted material becomes the property of CESA, may be handed back to the submitting member firm in full or part.