Resolutions from the CESA Infrastructure Indaba

 The 2018 CESA Infrastructure Indaba brought together leading experts including government officials, consulting engineers and built environment professionals for the purpose of improving the delivery and management of public infrastructure. These interactions resulted in the adoption of conference resolutions aimed at improving infrastructure development:

National Treasury Collaboration
CESA resolved to support the implementation of procurement best practice as proposed by National Treasury through the Standard for Infrastructure and Delivery Management (SIPDM), together with any Monitoring role that we could play in driving compliance with this standard. We believe that significant savings of even up to 30% may be derived through efficient and effective procurement and delivery management of infrastructure projects.

Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA)
In relation to the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA), CESA resolved to render technical advice and support to municipalities to optimise infrastructure provisioning, to provide technical skills support and strengthen municipal capacity to provide basic services.

Gauteng Infrastructure Development MoU
A memorandum of understanding is to be signed with the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development to assist in issues of procurement and the quality of services. This will assist in the fight against corruption and the promotion of ethical leadership.

World Bank Collaboration
CESA believes that there are lots of opportunities to make a difference in development by being a consultant/supplier/contractor in World Bank financed projects.

Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
There are opportunities to collaborate with the DBSA on project preparation, infrastructure investment, infrastructure financing (municipal and non-municipal) and infrastructure delivery and project implementation support.

CESA needs to continue with promoting diversity awareness and encouraging members to consider such training. We encourage members to identify a champion for transformation, other than the CEO. We will canvass members to adopt the proposed transformation aspirations as we believe that as an industry and as a society, it is the right thing to do; and that a business that embraces diversity is a winning business. CESA aims to influence transformation in the broader South African industry so that member companies can commit to becoming authentically transformed in order to grow a prosperous South Africa.

National Planning Commission, Dept. Water & Sanitation collaboration
CESA, together with other industry stakeholders needs to research total solutions to bulk water supply and consumption based on the new population dynamics – ensuring innovation in order to improve water infrastructure planning and delivery.

ECSA, CESA and SABTACO Collaboration
CESA aims to collaborate with these organizations to improve professional registration rates, transformation in the industry and the profession, best practice procurement and other issues which plague the wellbeing of the industry.

BEP Collaboration
A collaboration between built environment professions is vital in order to influence a conducive environment for such professions and practices to thrive.





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