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We are already into the second half of 2019 and much has happened since our last issue published in April this year. Elections are over and there are a series of new Minister’s in place. Unlike the previous Ministers under the former President, we are more certain this time around, about being able to establish the critical partnership that we have been advocating for. This optimism is borne out of the  responsiveness we have experienced recently with the new Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure. We have waited long enough for them to all settle in and it is appropriate that we now increase our efforts to meet and actively advocate for the excellence in infrastructure solutions that our member companies are capable of.

Our more than pedestrian economic growth rate has not helped much and unfortunately the divisions in the ruling party appear to be so deep that it may yet be some time before we get our National Infrastructure Programme back on track. These challenges are not unique to South Africa and anyone who attended the FIDIC-GAMA Conference in Uganda in May this year would have heard about the plans and challenges faced with infrastructure development elsewhere on the Continent. The trade war between China and the US just adds further complexities to developing countries such as ours.

You would have by now received a copy of the new CESA Constitution and By-Laws following a lengthy period of consultation so that we indeed remain abreast of the nature of the business of consulting engineering. In addition, with the Board having held its strategic review session after a 3-year period, there is a concerted emphasis on cleaning up our own industry lest we be found wanting through not holding our own members involved in unethical business practices, to account. For us to be regarded as the apex organization for consulting engineering we have to hold Client bodies to account when their procurement processes are flawed whilst doing likewise when our member companies bring the industry into disrepute. Let us therefore start from within and ensure that we all run our businesses with the utmost diligence and duty of care. After all, sub-consulting your expertise to a company which has benefited from a questionable and corrupt appointment renders you equally guilty of unethical behavior. It stops now!

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