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CESA’s flagship one-year management development programme, entitled the Business of Consulting Engineering (BCE) Development Programme, develops future consulting engineers into industry leaders in the consulting engineering environment.

The students are supported by BCE programme mentors and their company mentors, in order to develop them into well-rounded professionals capable of growing into leadership roles within their organisations.

The Programme has 15 facilitators/trainers, who are specialists and subject matter experts in their field of knowledge. They are Alex Nortje (Finance), Billy Galal (Project Delivery), Celia Mullane (Finance), Chris Campbell (Consulting Engineering Environment), Craig Clarke (Project Delivery), Craig Lemboe (Economist), Diane Liebenberg (Quality and Risk Management), Geoff Mendelowitz (Finance), Hugh Lane (Legal and Contractual Affairs), Mike Rivarola (Legal and Contractual Affairs), Nico Swart (Project Delivery), Ron Walter (Personal Development), Samantha Valera (Legal & Risk), Sandra Pienaar (Business and Technical Report Writing) and Sonja De Klerk (Sustainable Development).

The BCE development programme comprises 4 modules, namely Consulting Engineering Environment; Project Delivery; Finance; as well as Legal and Contractual Matters. Throughout the programme there are also Personal Development subjects such as Negotiation Skills; Stress Management; Business Technical and Report Writing Skills; Time Management; Problem Solving and Decision Making; as well as Communications Skills.

In between the 3 annual contact sessions, comprising of a week each, the students complete numerous assignments in most of the subjects. At the end of the year a final exam is written and Certificates of Competency are handed out at a graduation ceremony.

These modules cover 55 subjects, which have clearly defined exit outcomes, as well as, well-defined specific outcomes.

  • Consulting Engineering Environment
  • Consulting Engineering Industry
  • Consulting Engineering Firms
  • Codes of Conduct Ethics and Integrity
  • Business Quality and Risk Management
  • Business Liability and Negligence
  • Legislation Affecting Construction Projects
  • Health and Safety and The Construction Regulations
  • Principles of Economics
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Personal Development: Negotiation Skills
  • Personal Development: Stress Management
  • Personal Development: Business, Technical and Report Writing Skills
  • Personal Development: Time Management
  • Personal Development: Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Personal Development: Communications Skills
  • Personal Development: Teamwork
  • Personal Development: Conflict Management
  • Concept of Project Delivery
  • Project Cycle
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Controls
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Inception and Client Relationships
  • Liaison Communications and Meetings
  • Problem Solving in Projects
  • Outside and Site Factors
  • Design Process
  • Manage Changes in Projects
  • Manage Documentation
  • Contractual Documentation and Procurement
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Inspections and Monitoring
  • Project Completion and Close-Out
  • Introduction to the SA Legal System
  • Legal Structures of SA Businesses
  • Legislative Requirements of the Public Sector
  • SIPDM and Cidb
  • Procurement of Professional Services
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Conditions of Contract for Construction
  • Application of Conditions of Contract for Construction Projects
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Accounting Principles and Practice
  • Accounting Process, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Accounting Process, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Accounting Process, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Processes During Project Planning
  • Contract Financial Administration
  • Consulting Fees
  • Project Revenue
  • Project Expenses
  • Project Budgeting, Reporting and Controls









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