BMK Group’s Rapid Emergence

BMK Consulting Engineers has grown rapidly and its brand has evolved.  It is now proud to introduce the BMK Group, comprising three inter-dependent entities, BMK Consulting Engineers, BMK Technologies and BMK Property Investments. With this comes a refreshingly new logo, the symbiotic relationship they enjoy with their clients. As one of the market leaders, the BMK Group looks to an exciting future, delivering innovative infrastructural solutions.

Since 2005 The BMK Group has rapidly emerged to become an established market leader in South Africa's infrastructure sector, providing innovative one-stop solutions to public and blue-chip private sector clients throughout the country's burgeoning infrastructure environment.

The Group, comprising three inter-related business entities, inclusive of BMK Consulting Engineers, BMK Technologies and BMK Property Investments, is a 100% empowered enterprise with a national operations footprint and a formidable project track-record of sustainable infrastructure solutions delivery.

Their young, dynamic and well-qualified members of staff, led by an experienced executive management team, have combined experience with exuberance to energise South Africa's infrastructure sector through their creativity of thought, ultra-modern approach and out-of-the-box execution.



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