Intervention to drive Constructive and Sustainable Transformation

This year sees CESA taking the lead in transforming our membership and industry. This is a critical theme in the light of the many obstacles the country is facing more than 20 years after democracy, despite significant strides made by government to transform society, CESA President, Lynne Pretorius, told members of the media at a function, in Rosebank.

Engineers speak out on recent Cabinet Reshuffle!

CESA is dismayed by the recent cabinet reshuffle, which we accept as being the prerogative of the President, but regrettably not only runs the risk of exacerbating the already troubled economic situation we find ourselves in, but also sends out a disturbing message of rewarding mediocrity and punishing excellence.

Final Chapter

In July 2016 CESA applied for admission as an Amicus Curiae in the Constitutional Court matter between the City of Cape Town and Aurecon which had been set down to be heard on 3 November 2016. CESA made submissions on a question of law on whether clause 95 of the City’s Supply Chain Management Policy and regulation 27(4) of the Supply Chain Management Regulations should be interpreted to strictly exclude any tenderer that was involved in preparatory work from being considered for the subsequent tender.

Water Supply needs to become a Substantive Item on Corporate Boards' agendas

Dry taps in two Southern African cities tell a worrying story about the failure of public officials to take a long-term view of water supply. But is it their fault alone? Or are citizens failing to hold them to account? And why is the business community, whose board agendas always include a risk-management item, not playing a more active role?

CESA and the National Treasury host SIPDM Roadshows

CESA has partnered with National Treasury to host a series of nationwide seminars to enhance and improve Public Sector procurement in the construction sector. The purpose of the seminars is to introduce and explain the recent watershed publication of the National Treasury Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM) which enables the supply chain management system for infrastructure to be separated from that of general goods and services. The aim is a procurement system that is better able to deliver value for money, while minimizing corruption.

The Line between Confidence and Hubris

It is rare for a week to pass without a newspaper or magazine offering a tale of the mistaken path of a fallen business executive, quoting critics who explain the errors that led to the failure. However, investors and boards of directors responsible for selecting a CEO don’t have the luxury of hindsight. They should, ideally, identify any shortcomings in their prospective CEO before there is trouble, not after the fact. This is no easy task. Is there some predictable fatal flaw that distinguishes responsible risk taking from something reckless or even sinister?

Group of African Member Associations (GAMA), told that Partnerships are vital to achieve progress

Cape Town Mayor Councillor Patricia de Lille says that partnerships are vital to achieving progress and believes that together, we can do great things and take the African continent to new heights by building on our past to create our own future dynamic and vibrant African cities. De Lille was delivering her keynote address during the FIDIC-GAMA 2017 Conference held at the Cape Town Convention Centre from the 7th to 10 May 2017.

BMK Group’s Rapid Emergence

BMK Consulting Engineers has grown rapidly and its brand has evolved.  It is now proud to introduce the BMK Group, comprising three inter-dependent entities, BMK Consulting Engineers, BMK Technologies and BMK Property Investments. As one of the market leaders, the BMK Group looks to an exciting future, delivering innovative infrastructural solutions.

New Appointments at HHO Africa

The Board of Directors of HHO Africa is extremely proud to announce the appointment of two new directors, Mrs Naseema Ebrahim and Ms Makotsene Makgalemele.

Latest progress in the Gazetting of Construction Sector Code

As of March 2017, the Construction Sector Charter Council Alignment Negotiating team had completed the incorporation of public comments and inputs into the draft construction sector code. In line with the gazette process, these had to be discussed and agreed upon with the dti, who are the primary policy custodians of the process. The initial deadline of the end of March 2017 could not be met, and it is now envisaged that the process of gazetting the final sector code will be by the end of May 2017 or as soon as the Minister of Trade and Industry signs the gazette, whichever comes first.

New SASSDA APP reveals Surprising Truth around Stainless Steel’s Lifecycle Costs – Win a Trip to Paris

Stainless steel has traditionally been specified in applications where the primary requirement is for corrosion resistance. However, since it’s invention more than a century ago, stainless steel has also been recognised for other attributes such as durability, versatility, quality, sustainability, hygiene and aesthetic appeal. Win an all-expenses paid trip for two to Paris worth R125 000! All you have to do is use Sassda’s new Life Cycle Costing App, to solve three tricky questions...



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