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CESA Relay
Walk, Cycle, Run
Riversands Farm, Fourways

Consulting Engineers of South Africa, (CESA) the umbrella organization for consulting engineers in South Africa, with more than 500 member firms employing 22,000 professional and support staff, has for the past 30 years, staged the annual WalkCycleRun Relay – a fun sports day where staff from member firms compete against other member teams in fun events – cycling, running, walking, tug-of-war and volleyball.

The excitement and enthusiasm generated by this popular event has seen a steady increase in attendance with last year’s event attracting more than 400 teams. Close on 3,000 competitors, family and friends attended last year’s event.

The event is run on a non-profit basis with costs being covered by entry fees from participating firms and sponsorship opportunities offered to interested companies. A portion of the entry fee is allocated to a donation for a worthy cause or charity to assist the disadvantaged within our communities.

The CESA Relay is organized and hosted by Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA).

To be advised.

ENTRY - Companies and teams can register on the Relay website (click here)  
The team entry fees for the event are as follows.

The entry fee is R950.00 per running team;
                          R850.00 per walking team 
                          R850.00 per cycling team.

Firms are encouraged to participate in this year's Tug of War and an amount of R850.00  will be levied per team.

University Challenge, Running Teams R500.00, Walking and Cycling R500.00. Please note a maximum of 50 teams will be accommodated this year.

Volleyball, firms are encouraged to participate in the years Volleyball competition and an amount of R850.00  will be levied per team.  We are looking for 16 Teams at present, if more Teams wish to participant we will look at accommodating more teams in this event.

This year the running, walking and cycling has two specific categories, Competitive Teams and Recreational Teams. The Competitive Teams will compete for the normal relay prizes whilst Recreational Teams will be awarded spot prizes which will be judged on the day.

Competitive Teams will need to adhere to all the rules of the event in order to qualify in those prize categories made available for the Competitive Teams. The registration process is also more involved and all fields need to be completed at time of registration, which include ID number, gender etc.

Recreational Teams will need to load their Team name , Company name as well as the names of the team taking part in the relay. No ID numbers are therefore required for this type of entry.

The cost for each Social Area is R4 000.  

Hospitality Site Bookings: Marquee sites, furniture and accessories
Please email: hospitality@sportsvendo.co.za
Or call Anjé Marè on 087 097 0011
Vendors available at the venue:
PANKCAKE PANTRY- Kelly- 0836635115 - kellybaumhardt@gmail.com
COFFEE SHOP- Neil- 082447410
THE TIN KITCHEN- Jade- thetinkitchenriversands@yahoo.com
EDELWEIS GERMAN KITCHEN- Severin- severinwild@yahoo.com
LOW&SLO MEXICAN- Christo- christo@redek.co.za

University Challenge

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) encourages participation from all the Universities within Gauteng and if, as a member firm, you are providing an Engineering bursary to any of these Universities, we encourage you to enter these students into the Relay. They will participate in the University Entrant categories.

For those that are not bursars to Engineering students within these Universities, do not despair! We also have an "Adopt a University" programme. This will happen as and when Engineering faculties approach Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) for sponsorship to enter their teams into the Relay. Member firms will have to contact CESA via email: events@cesa.co.za to be part of a list where these University teams will be allocated to member firms on a first come first serve basis.