CPD Validation

Lectures & Site Visits

All organisers who wish to have their lectures and site visits (hereinafter referred to as ‘Event’) validated by Consulting Engineers South Africa CESA for CPD credits/points (Category 1, Section 9, ECSA CPD Policy document) must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The Provider must complete the on-line CPD Validation application form (ECPD2a).
  2. An invoice will be emailed to you, on receipt of your application form. The Training Provider must pay the validation fee in full before the evaluation process can take place.  (See Cost Structure)
  3. The Provider must submit the following:
  • The programme
  • A summary of the lecture or site visit.
  • CV of presenter/s.
  • A copy of a blank evaluation form for obtaining feedback from participants to rate the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the lecture or site visit.
  • Proof of VAT registration of the training provider’s organisation, or if not VAT registered, the following three documents:

    • Tax clearance certificate
    • Company registration document
    • A reference letter from a client
  • Documents to be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the commencement of the event date.
  1. Validation Process
    • Once the School of Consulting Engineering (SCE) has received:
      • the on-line application form
      • the required documentation (see No.3)a confirmation letter, a certificate and the CESA logo will be sent to you.
  2. Attendance Registers and Evaluation FormsThe organiser must, at the end of the lecture or site visit, allow the delegates to evaluate the lecture or site visit.
    • If delegates experience the event in a negative light, the provider must submit a corrective action report to the CESA Education and Training Committee.After each lecture or site visit, the Provider must, within 30 days, submit the following:
    • Send and/or email a copy of  delegate’s attendance register to: sce@cesa.co.zaCESA – P O Box 68482, Bryanston 2021, Johannesburg
    • Send and/or email a one page collective overview of the results of the evaluation forms or a copy of the evaluation forms to:
      sce@cesa.co.zaCESA – P O Box 68482, Bryanston 2021, Johannesburg
  PLEASE NOTE: Should the above not be duly completed and submitted to the School of Consulting Engineering (SCE), the validation number will be suspended by CESA with ECSA.
It is therefore the responsibility of the Providers to submit the above documentation,timeously.
CESA reserves the right to suspend the valiation number, without prior notice, if the above information is not submitted, within 30 days from the event.


The lecture or site visit may not be promoting or selling a product or a service.


The duration of the validation period will be only be for the actual hours of the lecture or site visit.

  • The Application form and the mandatory documentation (see No. 3) must be submitted to the SCE no less than six weeks prior to the commencement of the event.
  • Should the training material be rejected by the assessor, you will be advised and once the assessor’s suggested changes have been completed, the option to re-submit will be available.
  • School of Consulting Engineering reserves the right to withdraw the validation at any time.


If a dispute should arise then the CESA Education and Training Committee will resolve the issue. (A formal letter and supporting material must be submitted by the parties involved prior to the dispute).  If the CESA Education and Training Committee fails to reach a resolution then the matter will be referred to Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

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