Business of Consulting Engineering

Course Structure

CESA’s flagship one-year programme, entitled the Business of Consulting Engineering (BCE), develops future consulting engineers into industry leaders in the consulting engineering environment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the BCE Development Programme is presented online.

  • The Programme consists of 50 topics, presented by 15 facilitators/trainers, who are specialists and subject matter experts in their field of knowledge.

  • The BCE programme is broken down into five modules (Project Delivery, Consulting Engineering Environment, Business and Project Finance, Legal and Contractual Matters and Inter-personal Skills).

  • Each Module is led by a Module Convener, who has considerable years’ experience in a CESA Member firm, and with specialised skills in the chosen module subject.

  • Virtual contact sessions, consisting of two or three lectures, takes place online one afternoon a week via Zoom between March and October with breaks every 10-12 weeks.

  • A dedicated facilitator is assigned to each student who will provide individual support throughout the programme both in terms of the learner development process and guidance on assignments.

  • The student is meant to work on his/her own, and the programme as far as possible, should not impact unduly on the student’s normal work. Nevertheless, in order to derive maximum benefit, the student is expected to incorporate his/her own actual workplace experience into many of the assignments and activities.

  • Each student is required to have a workplace mentor whose role is to provide workplace support and guidance. This is a vital requirement for the successful completion of the programme.

  • Every assignment and activity must be completed by the student and each one is subjected to a rigorous evaluation process by the relevant subject matter expert(s).

  • A written examination in each of the modules takes place at the end of the year (students outside the Johannesburg area are allowed to write in their home place.

  • Students have access to the CESAnet – an interactive Student and Facilitator’s online facility where all reading, reference and resource documents are accessible, assignments are uploaded, and results and feedback are provided to the students.
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