About the School of Consulting Engineering

The School of Consulting Engineering was founded by CESA in 2000.

The School aims to provide the opportunity for Consulting Engineers, their staff, their clients and other interested parties in the Built Environment to enhance their business, professional and entrepreneurial skills.

All training is interactive and participative. The methodology is designed to achieve maximum group participation. It allows delegates to take away real practical skills, rather than just theoretical knowledge.

The annual training programme comprises of seminars, workshops, short courses and skills programmes, which are developed to meet the specific requirements of the industry and are held all over the country.

If your company has more than 10 people wanting to attend a particular course, a dedicated in-house training course can be arranged at a time convenient to you. In addition to receiving a special group discount it also saves on travel time and is an excellent intellectual team building exercise, giving companies the ability to work with and discuss confidential company data.

Courses which are offered on an annual basis include:

• Business Integrity Management System (BIMS) and Public Sector Integrity Management System (PSIMS)
• Construction Procurement: Soliciting and Evaluating Tenders
• Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
• FIDIC Contract
• Financial Matters for Consultants and Administration Staff
• Human Resources Development and Labour Legislation
• Implications of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
• IT – Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Legal Risk Management
• Management
• Negotiation Skills for Consultants
• Practical and in-depth course on how to register with ECSA
• Procurement
• Project Management
• Quality Management for Small and Large Firms
• Risk Management Implementation
• Secretarial and Administration
• Other select technical courses

All courses are accredited in line with ECSA’s CPD policy.

Benefits of attending the School of Consulting Engineering courses include:

• CPD points in ECSA’s Category 1, which is compulsory for re-registration.
• Limited numbers
• Comprehensive course material
• Certificates of attendance
• Learning from industry experts
• Discussion groups comprehensively facilitated
• Free follow-up support

For further information on the above, please contact the SCE via e-mail sce@cesa.co.za or on (011) 463-2022.