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Advanced Managing Projects with MS Project


This course will show you how to get the most out of the software. It will also show you tips and tricks on how to avoid the pitfalls as well as how to use the hidden fields for your own use and how to make your own views and tables. The facilitator will show you how to look for and avoid errors which can affect your project’s duration.

In addition, you will be shown how to use earned-value analysis and how to cut down on entering resource data while ensuring greater accuracy and keeping this data up to date. The course also covers linked projects and how to monitor and control the hours worked as well as the percentage of work completed.


Delegates will learn:

  • What MS-Project features must be set before entering data
  • How MS-Project displays information and how to change this to the users advantage
  • How to customise projects
  • How to work with multiple projects
  • Fine-tuning resource information and how to keep records of the changes over time. 
  • How to work with multiple calendars
  • Costing and formulae
  • About custom Fields and Earned Value Analysis
  • Importing and exporting data
  • How to use Resource Pools & Consolidated Projects
  • How to apply contours to assignments and track time-phased data

Program Outline

Useful Features in Microsoft Project                                                             

  • Using the Auto Save feature
  • Right-mouse click functionality
  • Go to selected task
  • Toggle display of View Bar
  • Shortcut keys

How Microsoft Project displays information

  • Overview of Views and Tables
  • Moving around in a View
  • The Information dialogue box
  • Single Pane view vs. Combination Pane view

Work with Microsoft Project Fields

Using different Views

Using different Tables

  • Task-related tables
  • Resource-related tables

Costing in Microsoft Project 

  • Task Cost Fields and Calculations
  • Resource Cost Fields and Calculations
  • Actual Cost Calculations
  • How Changing Options Affects Existing Data

 Setting the Baseline

  • Interim Baseline Plans

Earned Value Analysis 

  • Overview
  • Measuring Earned Value
  • Performing Earned Value Analysis
  • Interpreting Earned Value
  • Earned Value Fields
  • Field Descriptions
  • Fields Associated with Earned Value Calculation Options
  • Backward Compatibility for Earned Value Data

More on Filters

  • Auto Filters
  • Highlight filters
  • Interactive filters
  • Filter shortcut keys
  • Components of a filter
  • Predefined filters

Customisation one step further 

  • Local and Global copies
  • Organiser

Formatting the Gantt Chart

Working with multiple calendars

  • The Resource Calendar
  • The Task Calendar
  • The Project Calendar
  • What do calendar options have to do with the working times settings
  • How do the project, resource, and task calendars interrelate

Working with Constraints

Working with Task Dependencies

Working with Resources 

  • Work Resources
  • Material Resources
  • Cost Resources

Manipulating Workloads and Work Contouring 

  • What is an Assignment/Work Contour
  • How is a Work Contour Calculated
  • Predefined Contours
  • How Assignment Contours Work
  • What Happens When Changes Occur
  • Edited Contours

Exporting Timescale Data and Reporting

  • Exporting earned value to Excel
  • Pivot Tables for analysis
  • Analyse Timescale Data
  • Reporting on Microsoft Data
  • Working with Linked Projects
  • Overview
  • Multiple Project Definitions
  • User Interface

Who Should Attend?

  • Team Members
  • Administrators
  • Architects / Designer
  • Team Leaders
  • Engineers
  • Property Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Executives
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Support Office
  • Consultants
Type: Online
CPD Points: 2
Coordinator: Blessings Banda
R 5 170.00 excl. VAT
R 5 945.50 incl. VAT
  • Virtual Classroom Training, Online
  • Wed 5 June 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Thu 6 June 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Validation Number:CESA-2095-05/2025
  • Virtual Classroom Training, Online
  • Wed 11 September 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Thu 12 September 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Validation Number:CESA-2095-05/2025
  • Virtual Classroom Training, Online
  • Mon 2 December 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Tue 3 December 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Validation Number:CESA-2095-05/2025