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Root-Cause Analysis, Incident Investigation and Continual Improvement


Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) is a highly effective methodology for identifying the primary cause or causes of problems and incidents that have occurred and impacted on product or service quality in a company by breaking them down into simple cause-and-effect relationships. A major non-conformance will often require a thoroughly researched Incident Investigation to identify the root causes of the non-conformance.


Why Should an Individual Attend?

The delegates will have an understanding of Root-Cause Analysis and the application of the 7 Quality Control Tools to enable risk, cost and waste reduction in a company.



In this program, the 7 Quality Control Tools are applied to determine the root-causes of problems, non-conformances and incidents in an organisation. Root-Cause analysis with the 7 Quality Control Tools offer a powerful combination of problem-solving techniques for continual improvement towards risk, cost and waste reduction in a company.


Program Outline

Part 1:  Introduction

  • Reasons for Root Cause Analyses           
  • Typical Examples of Poor Quality, non-conformances and incidents

 Part 2:  Root Cause Analysis  

  • Root Cause Analysis:  7 Quality Control Tools
  • Root Cause Analysis:  Methodologies  

Part 3:  Practical Application of RCA techniques

Who Should Attend?

·         Engineers

·         Technicians

·         Technologist

·         Architects

·         Project / Construction Managers

·         Quantity Surveyors

·         Construction Health and Safety

·         Contractors / Sub Contractors

·         Middle Management

·         Senior Management

Dates and Times:
  • Mon 3 June 2024  08:30 to 16:30
  • Mon 3 June 2024  08:30 to 16:30
Type: Online
Venue: Virtual Classroom Training, Online
Fee: R 3 454.00 excl. VAT
R 3 972.10 incl. VAT
Validation Number/s: CESA-2228-02/2027
CPD Points: 1