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Managing Project Requirements - The Systems Approach


The Project Management Institute argues that “Inaccurate requirements gathering” has been identified by 37% of organizations as a primary cause of project failure (PMI, 2014). Therefore, training engineers, project managers, and other staff in “Requirements Engineering and Management” is critical to success. Unless project requirements are documented, the project team will fly blind—with no reference point. Many projects have resulted in an argument as to whether the final product has met the client’s needs.

Many organizations are struggling with issuing an Owner’s Requirements Specification (ORS). However, “As the global environment becomes more complex, organizations that take a proactive [i.e., systemic] approach to requirements activities will improve their competitive advantage by reducing waste [i.e., massive cost and schedule overruns] and delivering projects that provide business value” (PMI, 2015).

Why Should an Individual Attend?

Delegates will gain proficiency in the practice of requirements management as a critical and necessary input to the project delivery process. Poor and wrong requirements are the usual causes of poor project performance or failure; half of the reasons for project failure have to do with lousy requirements (Chaos Report 1994—2014). Learning what constitutes a good requirement is where project success shall begin.

Failure to manage project requirements usually results in project difficulties and failure. While it prevails in most advanced industries such as aeronautics, armaments systems, and telecoms/ICT the practice of requirement management is lacking in engineering projects. Surely, any professionals involved in Large Infrastructure Projects will benefit career-wise from gaining maturity in requirement management.


  • How to formulate a good and relevant requirement
  • How to interpret Owner’s Requirements Specifications
  • How to spot and rectify a poor/wrong requirement
  • Understand the various types of project requirements
  • Learn why and how to verify and validate requirements
  • Perceive the various requirement maturity levels

Program Outline

  • What is a Project Requirement
  • Necessity of Project Requirements
  • Typology of Project Requirements
  • Project Requirements Processes
  • Project Requirements Formulation
  • Common Requirements Formulation Errors
  • Project Requirements and Lifecycle
  • Requirements Verification and Validation
  • Requirements Formulation Under Complexity
  • Role of the Business Analyst
  • Requirements Maturity Model

Who Should Attend?

  • Project sponsors/directors
  • Project managers
  • Project engineers
  • Project cost controllers
  • Project auditors
  • Other project professionals

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