Business of Consulting Engineering

Learner Outcomes

Although each course and each subject will have its own specific and related outcomes, the delegate will develop the following broad outcomes:

  • A sound understanding of the consulting engineering industry and the structure and business of consulting engineering firms, an introduction to economics and market theory, and an appreciation of quality, moral and ethical issues and communication and other interpersonal skills.

  • An introduction to finance, including basic accounting practices and the accounting process, project costing and invoicing, company accounts, budgeting, planning and financial analysis.

  • An introduction to the principles of law and the legal system, legal structures of businesses and the principles of a contract and construction contracts.

  • A sound grounding in all aspects of the entire project delivery process with emphasis on the role played by the consulting engineer, his duties, roles, and responsibilities.

In essence, the programme will broaden the participant’s knowledge at the level of a tertiary education institution.

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