Awards - Appendix B

Failure to comply with the full submission entry requirements will result in disqualification.

Requirements Regarding Material for Awards Entry Submission

Entrants must submit the following:

  1. Submissions must contain a MS Word version and brochure of the full written submission. (must meet an exceptionally high standard of excellence), 
    1. Photographs supporting the submission / criteria:
      1. Photographs must have titles/caption of no more than 50 words, attached to them and be accurately labelled with the projects or aspect of the project which they depict.
  2. An Elevator Statement of the project/entry of no more than 150/200 words must be included; this will be used to describe your entry in the Award’s multi-media production (see Appendix A).
  3. An Executive Summary must also be included describing, in layman’s terms, why this project/entry is worthy of special recognition (no more than 1 page). NOTE: This summary will provide the basis for all CESA publicity for the project.
  4. A minimum of 20 high resolution photos are required for each nomination – company or project. The photos must be in a JPG format at 300 dpi resolution or greater and 1MB or greater in size.
  5. Whilst embedded photographs, schematics, plans, and tabular information is acceptable within the MS Word document as a guide, these individual images must also be attached as high-resolution quality (300 dpi / minimum 1MB image file size) JPG images in a separate folder within the USB FLASH DRIVES.
  6. Optional for all categories:  

2 minutes landscape Video/s may also be supplied suitable for use in the Awards multimedia preferably in Apple QuickTime (SD format), MPG and DVD footage must be of a very high quality. 

MP4 Video footage and cell phone footage may also be supplied for use in the Awards (Should you wish to film footage of your project using your cell phone please ensure it is filmed horizontally i.e.: shape of a plasma TV screen) 

This is not a requirement and will be used in the Multimedia at the discretion of the Design Team! 

  1. All entrant making submissions must include:
    1. their corporate logo, including that of the client/s or JV partner/s in JPG format of 1920 x 1080-pixel size minimum 1MB (high-resolution quality).
    2. for projects category: