Categories & Criteria

Key Dates

Pre-Entry Deadline5 April 2024
Successful Pre Entry Notification15 April 2024
Briefing Session18 April 2024
Full Entry Deadline24 May 2024
Awards Gala Banquet14 August 2024

Cost of Entries (Excluding VAT.)

Non-Refundable Deposit / Entry Fee R5049.00 (excl. VAT)
Non-Refundable Submission Fee R16830.00

Non-refundable submission fees are per successful award entry. This entry fee includes one table that seats ten people, at the Awards Banquet.


CESA is proud to host this annual event, as a platform to showcase the important role that infrastructure plays in the sustainable development and delivery of basic services to society. By designing state of the art infrastructure that stands test of time, the Awards recognize the contribution that engineering practitioners make in the pursuit of excellence in service delivery.

The Awards focus on local consulting engineers and their clients who participate in or initiate projects that promote the advancement of our nation and the people of the world.