Awards Entry Guide


View the category Criteria

All the information required to submit your awards pre-entry is located under the categories and criteria pages. Navigate to the Categories and Criteria section on the website and use the tabs below the banner to navigate through the various awards categories.

Each category has listed sub-categories that can be entered. Select the “View Criteria” button under the relevant sub-categories to view the submission requirements for that particular category.

We also have a downloadable version of the Call for Entries document that outlines all the categories and criteria. Download the document using the button below.


Prepare the required documents & information

Each pre-submission needs to be submitted with the relevant documentation required. Ensure all the relevant documents are prepared as you will be required to submit these while completing the pre-submission entry form.

The requirements can be found under the various Categories & Criteria pages, the Terms & Conditions page as well as the downloadable Call for Entries Brochure document.


Select the "Submit Pre-Entry" button on the category page

When you have the pre-entry information and documentation prepared and you are ready to submit your pre-entry. Select the “Submit Pre-Entry” button for the relevant categories under the Categories & Criteria Section of the website.

Each sub-category needs to have it’s own individual pre-entry submitted. 


Complete the form on the entry page

On the Submit Pre-Entry pages, you will be presented with the relevant form for the submission. Complete all the required fields on the form and upload all relevant documentation required. Required fields that are not completed will result in the submission not being sent through. 

If this does occur, you are able to save and continue your entry at a later stage once the documentation that is outstanding has been prepared.

Each form completion should be for a single entry only. If you are entering multiple categories, then multiple submissions are required for each. Once you complete a submission, you will be presented with a screen where you can select to submit another pre-entry under the same category or go to the main categories and criteria section to submit a pre-entry for a different category.