The Visionary Client of the year is recognition by CESA bestowed on the public, parastatal, or private sector, not limited to infrastructure clients.  It can be awarded for a particular project/programme – its plan or method of execution or completed project/initiative or maintenance of infrastructure or funding or for creating an enabling environment for the aforementioned. 

A visionary client is an advocate and champion of innovative designs, engineering, service delivery and infrastructure for the betterment of society and industry. The reputation of the client also plays a significant role in the final decision by CESA Board. 

Award Criteria

The following aspects are measured to determine the reputational status of the nominated client/s: corruption / integrity, impact on society and delivery of socio-economic needs – jobs, value for money and growth, expression, and transformation of the engineering profession i.e., consulting engineering.

Your motivation must include the following aspects of how the entrant:

  1. Promoted or enhanced sustainable economic growth and job creation
  2. Provided demonstratable opportunities for consulting engineers and growth of engineering and built environment professionals, including those from formerly disadvantaged communities
  3. Embraced innovative design that highlighted the ability of South Africa in the field of technology
  4. Created sustainable development in communities through skills and knowledge transfer
  5. Improved the quality of life of ordinary citizens
  6. Showcased a track record of effective service delivery to clients and users

Submission and Logistics

  • This is a CESA Award for which we are asking member firms to nominate client/s (Public / Private Sector), who promote engineering excellence and are deserving of the honour.
  • Nominations must be forwarded to your CESA head office for consideration by the CESA Board.
  • Submission must reach the CESA offices no later than Thursday, 24 May 2024.
  • Your nomination must include a written motivation no longer than 10 pages or 3,000 words presented in Word format with no more than 10 supporting images attached as high-resolution pictures in jpeg format (minimum 1MB each).
  • “Winner/s” of these awards are chosen by the CESA Board
  • Nominating firms will be notified of CESA’s Board decision.
  • The successful nominee will be announced and acknowledged at the August Awards Banquet and related publications. No mention/recognition will be given to firms who nominated a client/s and the unsuccessful nominees.
  • The firm responsible for suggesting the successful nominee will not be mentioned in any way during the Awards Banquet, or in any subsequent publications.

Submit your pre-entry for Visionary Client of the Year Award