Project Awards Categories 1-5

Engineers and engineering innovations has played a critical role in increasing the health and quality of life in the last century. From developing better water supplies, municipal sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants to the design of buildings to protect us from natural hazards and providing health care. To improved agriculture through water resource development and distribution projects to rapid and dramatic changes in transportation systems – engineers have developed the basic infrastructure on which modern society and economies depends. To providing reliable electricity – engineers play a key role in supporting the growth and development of any country’s economy.

The CESA Aon Awards celebrate South African-based consulting engineers who are making an impact in the local, regional, or global communities.

Categories 1 – 5:

  1. Projects with a value less than R50 Million
  2. Projects ranging in the value from R50 Million to less than R250 Million
  3. Projects with a value equal R250 Million to less than R1 Billion
  4. Mega Projects – Projects with a value equal or greater than R1 Billion
  5. Best International Project

Projects Entries will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

1-5 Criteria for Project Categories Points
  1. Quality of engineering design
  1. Ingenuity, originality, and innovation (solution during planning & design and/or solution during construction)
  1. Management of planning and technical design
  1. Aesthetics of engineering elements
  1. Budgetary compliance
  1. Influence of consulting engineer on Implementability and constructability
  1. Complexity and sophistication
  1. Responsibility carried by consulting engineer (risk)
  1. Sustainability considerations
  1. Responsiveness to needs of client 
  1. Social impact of the project
  1. Meeting the client’s deadline for completion
  1. Intercountry Logistics – Challenges and Solutions
(only relevant for International Projects)
Total 140

Project Awards Categories 1-5 Pre-Entries

Select the category below that you would like to submit your pre-entry for:


Projects less than
R50 million


Projects ranging from R50 – less than R250 million


Projects ranging from R250 – less than R1 billion


Mega Projects greater than R1 billion


Best International

Guidelines, Evaluation & Acknowledgement

  1. Only member firms of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) are eligible for submission of projects, nominations or entries, except in the category of Media Awards and Branch of the Year Awards.
  2. Media and Branch of the Year Awards are selected through nomination and evaluation conducted by CESA Board and the Directorate.
  3. In the case of projects submitted, the entry must be the original work or an adaptation of another design system, or it must incorporate proprietary design systems.
  4. The project or relevant stage of the project forming the subject of the submission, where applicable, must have been completed satisfactorily for the beneficial use by the Owner not more than 24 months prior to the due date for submission (5 April 2024). Projects must have been completed between 1 May 2022 and 5 April 2024.
  5. All JV projects submissions must include a signed letter of consent from all JV partners. This letter must be submitted together with the pre-entry form. Failure to submit this letter with your pre-entry form will result in your entry being disqualified. 
  6. The firm submitting the entry must not be involved in or have any knowledge of any possible litigation or allegations of corruption (project/Initiative/person), dispute or claim involving the entry.
  7. There is no prescribed format for the layout of full submissions, but only submissions addressing each of the evaluation criteria will be considered.
  8. A written motivation is required, in terms of the 12-13 criteria (not exceeding 20 pages)
  9. Other forms of evidence can be submitted in support of the entry
  10. The executive summary must explain all factors that showcase the project’s uniqueness and complexity, such as innovative engineering, challenges faced and overall social impact. 
  11. See Appendix B for Physical Requirements Regarding Material for Awards Entry Submission
  12. Content submitted for any award may not be used in more than one category.
  13. All submissions are subjected to an impartial judging and moderation process.  
  1. Where a specific criterion cannot be evaluated (i.e., certain “soft engineering projects”), a zero score will be assigned for that criterion and the total score adjusted pro-rata.
  2. The entries for the CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards are evaluated by a minimum of four judges, against a set of uniform criteria, each allocated a certain number of points.
  3. The total score achieved by each entry is the sum of the individual judge’s scores.  The winner is the entry for that category that achieves the highest average score.
  4. Any outlier score, varying by more than 20% from the average scores, will be disregarded and the average scores will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. All results will be audited and moderated where such latter action is required by CESA CEO and select Managers from the Directorate.
  6. The CESA Board determines the winners in the categories, Lifetime Achiever, Branch of the Year, Media House and Visionary Client of the Year.
  7. The Board reserves the right to withhold recognition in the categories in Item 19, based on objective, qualitative and strategic considerations in respect of the reputation of the Organisation.  
  1. All JV partners must be listed on the pre-entry form and a signed letter of consent from each JV partner must accompany the pre-entry form. Failure to submit this with your pre-entry form will result in your pre-entry being disqualified. 
  2. Acknowledgements must be made to the Owner, Contractor and any other design professionals associated with the entry for mention in the Awards Magazine only (refer to Appendix B). 
  3. The Awards certificate will only indicate the consulting engineer/s and the client/s.
  4. Entrants are advised that details of their entry will be published in an industry specific magazine which will be distributed at the Awards Banquet.  Members have an opportunity to advertise their projects/firms at their cost in this magazine.
  5. The information received by the organisers may be submitted in its entirety to the publisher of the industry specific magazine for inclusion in the publication and entrants should be mindful of submitting information that might be regarded as sensitive or confidential as it will be in the public domain. If you do not want the information to be published, DO NOT SUBMIT IT UNLESS IT IS A CRITERIA FOR ADJUDICATION!
  6. The Awards may be carried as a separate section within the magazine, or published separately with its own cover, but distributed together with the relevant issue of the magazine. As such, entrants are reminded that the information they submit will be accepted verbatim by the publishers and therefore should be checked and approved by all parties, clients etc., and prior to submission thereof.
  1. All JV partners will be mentioned, and their logos included in the Awards Banquet Multimedia presentation and the Awards Magazine unless we are advised to the contrary, in writing. In addition, it is the responsibility of the firm submitting the entry to resolve any issues between the JV partners.
  2. Entrants should be aware that their information will undergo an editing process, necessary to ensure that both entrants and category winners can be accommodated in the magazine as well as the Multimedia script.