Membership Benefits

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  1. Advocacy
    Industry challenges are tackled through collective advocacy at the local, provincial, national and international levels of government.
    CESA assists its members in negotiating contract conditions; resolving contractual disputes; interpreting conditions of contract, rules and regulations and also liaising with government and other industry bodies on contractual and legislative issues.
    Promoting best practice procurement methodologies focusing on the value and quality of the service rendered.

  2. Networking & Knowledge Sharing
    CESA stages a number of local and international events throughout the year where significant networking and learning opportunities are always prevalent, not only for member firms, but also client related organisations and CESA’s Partners. These events include regional visits, meetings, international trade missions and conferences (a calendar of events hosted by CESA can be found on the website: CESA distributes a fortnightly newsletter with latest news flashes regarding events/developments within the consulting engineering and related sectors. CESA publishes an informative quarterly magazine focusing on its activities and initiatives in the market place.

  3. Business Support
    CESA, as the radar of business opportunity, gives business support to members through: – the identification of business opportunities locally and internationally; – the identification of best practice methodologies and guidelines; – the provision of access to PI Insurance (at very competitive premiums); – Advisory Notes on various industry related topics and – the provision of best practice contract documentation, guidelines, policies and procedures.

  4. Contractual Affairs
    CESA supports its members in contractual matters and procurement legislation. CESA ensures that member firms remain informed about legislative changes through liaison with government and related industry bodies. CESA is an important participant and contributor in regard to the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). The provision of Case Studies relating to insurance claims. Legal Risk Management services are provided at no cost to members through its designated insurer

  5. Market Intelligence
    CESA regularly provides its members with current Industry information and market surveys focusing on local, regional and international perspectives. CESA conducts bi-annual economic analysis of market conditions with its Biannual Economic and Capacity Survey which provides management information to member firms with competitive insights.

  6. Public Sector Support
    CESA is committed to helping client entities achieve effective service delivery. Capacity building programmes are provided to assist public sector entities in acquiring the status of “informed client”. CESA has created a special purpose vehicle, the Project Development and Facilitation Alliance (PDFA) to achieve this end.