Continuing Professional Development

CPD Verification and Validation: Overview

Our Valuable Service

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) provides a valuable service by verifying Service Providers and validating Category 1: Developmental Activities such as courses, conferences, congresses, workshops, lectures, seminars, webinars, refresher courses, colloquiums, and e-learning for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Activities for the benefit and advancement of the engineering profession in South Africa.

The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) has implemented a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standard, in accordance with the Engineering Profession Act (No.46 of 2000) and the Rules on Continuing Professional Development and Renewal of Registration, as published in the Government Gazette, No. 40847 of 19 May 2017.

The ECSA is designated as the sole custodian of CPD in the new standard, with other role players such as Voluntary Associations, higher education institutions, and CPD Service Providers performing important functions that are primarily delegated and monitored by the ECSA.



The standard intends to provide additional clarification of the implementation of the CPD provisions contained in the Engineering Profession Act and the Rules. The Rules’ implementation also addresses issues related to the quality and credibility of CPD Activities for the benefit and advancement of the engineering profession in South Africa.

Category 1: Developmental Activities

A registered practitioner must renew his or her Registration and “apply to the Council for the renewal of his or her Registration in the prescribed manner,” according to Section 22(1) of the Engineering Profession Act, 2000 (Act 46 of 2000). Five credits are earned per year in each of the three categories of CPD activities, for a total of 25 credits earned over a five-year period. CPD credits must be earned in at least two of the three categories listed below, with at least one credit earned in Category 1. Registered individuals who intend to participate in a Category 1 CPD Activity must ensure that the Activity has been validated and that the credits awarded will be recognized by ECSA.




Category 1

Developmental Activities

Minimum of 5 credits per 5-year cycle

Category 2

Work-based activities

Engineering work

Maximum of 2 credits per year

(300 notional hours/1 credit)

Mentoring of candidate engineering Practitioners

Maximum 1 credit per year

(50 notional hours)

Category 3

Individual activities

Maximum 1 credit per year

Membership of a recognised VA

Other activities

Refer to Annexure A of the Rules Government Gazette, No. 40847 of 19 May 2017.

ECSA - Recognised CPD Licensed Bodies

ECSA has authorised recognised Licensed Bodies, to Verify Service Providers and the validation of their Category 1: Developmental Activities for CPD credits.

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) has been registered as a certified Licensed Body by ECSA, in terms of the ECSA Standard on CPD.

According to the ECSA Standard for CPD document for Validators, Providers, and Activities (ECPD-01-STD), Service Providers must apply for Verification as a CPD Service Provider and then apply for CPD credits for their CPD Category 1: Developmental Activities, as defined in Category 1, Section 9 of the ECSA Policy document.

The ECPD-01-STD document outlines the functions and processes for the appointed Licensed Bodies to verify Service Providers, how the Activities are to be CPD validated, and the related review and auditing requirements. In the event of a rejection or revocation, the document also outlines the appeal process for and Accredited Service Providers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Verified CPD Service Providers

Verify & Validate

CESA has the power to verify CPD Service Providers and validate CPD Category 1 Development Activities for CPD credits.

Needs of Target Audience

CESA needs to ensure that the CPD Activity meets the needs of the target audience. The target audience includes registrations for Professional Engineer, Professional Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineering Technician, Professional Certified Engineer, and Specified Category, as well as the discipline, such as electrical, civil, mechanical, etc.

Monitor & Audit

CESA verifies, monitors and audits the verified CPD Service Providers, as well as they ensure the quality of the CPD Activities.

Verified CPD Service Providers

A Verified CPD Service Provider, which includes higher education institutions, ECSA Recognised Voluntary Associations, and any private educational institution, that has been approved by Council to provide appropriate learning, in relation to Category 1: Developmental Activities for CPD credits.


The Council is responsible for regulating the practice of engineering in South Africa. This is in accordance with Act No. 46 of 2000 on Engineering Professions (the Act). In collaboration with Voluntary Associations (as defined in the Act) and registered persons, Section 13(k) of the Act authorizes the Council to decide the requirements for CPD training. According to the Act, the Council is mandated by the government to serve and protect the public’s safety and health by defining and maintaining minimum standards of practice, knowledge, and abilities, as well as professional ethics, among registered persons in the country.

Standard for Continuing Professional Development documents

CESA and ECSA would like all verified Service Providers to become acquainted with the CPD ECPD-01-STA – Standard for Continuing Professional Development documents.

Verification and Validation Fees

A once off Service Provider verification fee, as well as separate validation fees for each activity will be charged. Refer to Validation Fees. Proof of payment must be received by CESA in order that the office can proceed with the validation.