Key Issues

General Position Statements

CESA Presidential Speech Jan 2020 – Sugen PillayCESA Presidential Speech Feb 2019 – Neresh Pather
CESA Presidential Media Briefing 2018 – Neresh PatherCESA Seminar Opening Speech 2017 – Lynne Pretorius
CESA Position Statement 2016 – Lynne PretoriusCESA Position Statement 2014 – Abe Thela
CESA Position Statement 2013 – Naren BhojaramKey IssuesCESA Position Statement 2012 – Naren Bhojaram
Key IssuesCESA Position Statement 2011  Zulch LetterCESA Position Statement 2008- Felix Fongoqa

More Key Issues

BEPEC / CESA Application

Built Environment Professional Services Designation Application Revised Submission

Construction Quality in SA Client Perspective Discussion

BEPG Comment

Comment of the Built Environment Professions Grouping (BEPG) on the Draft Built Environment Profession (BEP) Policy

Position Document

– Best Practice: Procurement of Consulting Engineering Services in South Africa

Position Document

– The empowerment and development of emerging and small consulting engineering firms in the infrastructure delivery

CESA comment

The Revised BBBEE Codes of Good Practice


2023_CESA Gender Mainstreaming Webinar 1_Action

20230914_CESA Gender Mainstreaming Webinar 1_Action Statement



– Termination of the Electricity Distribution Industry (EDI)

Advocacy for Quality-Cost Based Selection

– Letter to Minister of Finance Nov 2011

– Annexure A -Quality Functionality Framework Report for Treasury Version 5

Acid Mine Drainage

Mine Water Management in the Witwatersrand Goldfields with Special Emphasis on Acid Mine Drainage

Capacity Building – Local Government

Review of information on South African and international local government staffing norms