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The CPD Service/Training Provider is required to upload evidence of the following, related to your company, the administration and offering of CPD Activities.
Company Profile *
Valid certified company registration certificate *
Valid tax clearance certificate (good standing with SARS or equivalent) *
BBBEE Certificate or Affidavit
FICA compliant / Proof of office/residential address *
Any valid documents reflecting your company's name and physical office address. i.e. Recent active lease or rental agreement, Municipal rates and taxes invoice
Copy of ID book or driver's license of applicant *
Proof of payment
Evidence of a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), which includes the following elements:
      • A broad outline of the programme for the forthcoming year *
      • Quality assurance / strategies employed for the CPD Activities *
      • Method for recording attendance *
      • Intended mechanism for monitoring attendance (per hour or per session) for the duration of the activity *
      • Proposed attendance register (with evidence of copy) *
      • Attendance certificate that will be provided on completion of the activity *
      • Method to be used for obtaining feedback or evaluation of the CPD event *
      • Database containing information of CPD Activities *
      • Process and reimbursement clause for the reimbursement for registration fees, accommodation and other costs incurred during the validation of the CPD Activity *

I confirm that I am an authorised representative of the above organisation, and authorised to hereby apply on behalf of the organisation to be recognised as a ECSA CPD Verified Service Provider in terms of the Rules: Continuing Professional Development and Renewal of Registration (Board notice 86 of 2017) and Section 10 of the Standard for Continuing Professional Development (ECPD-01-STA).

I confirm that the information and documentation supplied is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete.

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