Built Environment Professions South Africa (BEPSA) Information Sheet

BEPSA was born out of the need to engage, collaborate and develop common purpose amongst the built environment professions. The professions were seen by both the general public and the state as being disorganised and with insular interests which worked against each other. Acting in silo’s when approaching various institutions, the voluntary built environment professions had little knowledge of the aims and objectives of the different professions and the direction and purpose of their individual existence.

BEPSA was established to coordinate the actions of all built environment professions to the benefit to all their members as a collective that would support each other, identify issues of commonality, propose joint strategies in engagement with our statutory bodies and challenge centres of power if needs be. Never afraid to speak truth to power, BEPSA will represent your interest. BEPSA therefore calls for your support both passive and active..

The purpose of this information sheet is to introduce the voluntary association, Built Environment Professions South Africa (BEPSA) formerly known as the Built Environment Professions Grouping (BEPG), to the reader.

Built Environment Professions South Africa (BEPSA) is an overarching voluntary association comprising the following member built-environment professional voluntary associations that represent professionals in the construction and related Industries:

  • ACHASM: Association of Construction Health and Safety Management, achasm.co.za
  • ACPM: Association of Construction Project Managers, acpm.co.za
  • ASAQS: Association of South African Quantity Surveyors, asaqs.co.za
  • CESA: Consulting Engineers South Africa, cesa.co.za
  • ILASA: Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa, ilasa.co.za
  • SABTACO: South African Black Technical & Allied Careers Organisation, sabtaco.co.za
  • SAGI: South African Geomatics Institute, sagi.co.za
  • SAIA: South African Institute of Architects, saia.org.za

It is intended in the near future to approach the Town Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment and Urban Design professions to join BEPSA.

The main aim of BEPSA is to act as the collective voice in matters affecting professional service providers in the construction and related built-environment industries, which is supported by its ancillary aims of inter alia:

  • improving professional service delivery to sector clients,
  • creating a sustainable built-environment industry and
  • promoting realistic procurement policies amongst its members and clients.

BEPSA meetings are held online, on a bi-monthly basis, by the CEOs and Presidents of the member built-environment professional voluntary associations for the purposes of discussing matters of mutual interest and agreeing on common views and courses of action.

Any enquiries or correspondence may be directed to CESA, which is currently fulfilling the BEPSA Secretariat role, as indicated below.

  • Secretariat: CESA (Wally Mayne PrEng)
  • Email: wally@cesa.co.za
  • Tel: 011 463 2022
  • Cell: 082 929 2790

Issued by:
Mr Ruben Reddy PrArch
Built Environment Professions South Africa (BEPSA)