Call for nominations to the CESA Transformation and Development Committee

Call for nominations to the CESA Transformation and Development Committee

“The National Development Plan, or NDP, is a plan to unite South Africans, unleash the energies of its citizens, grow an inclusive economy, build capabilities, and enhance the capability of the state and leaders working together to solve complex problems,” states Brand South Africa.

Members are hereby requested to nominate a senior person(s) who are passionate about engineering and technology to serve on either the CESA Transformation and Development Committee or CESA Gender Diversity Forum. The current membership does, unfortunately, not represent inclusion and diversity, which must be achieved for South Africa to succeed.

The engineering profession is based on mentoring and peer review. For this reason experienced, white professionals are needed on the forefront, to ensure that no opportunity is lost in the long journey of transformation and development, which might not even happen in our lifetime. They can, however, plant the trees for other to enjoy the shade or fruit later. Not all professionals can afford to be spectators in this process — solution-driven efforts, based on engineering concepts, are needed to change the bigger picture. Please become involved!

What are the facts about companies?

CESA Black, women-owned:  12% of 579 member firms;

CESA Top management, senior management, professionals: women 20% of 7 415 staff;

ECSA engineering practitioners: Black 26% of 34 492 registered professionals; and

ECSA engineering practitioners: Women 7% of 34 492 registered professionals. 

The facts call for action! Kindly send the names together with a brief 200-word biography to Godfrey Ramalisa at