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Client/ Consultant Model Services Agreement (1999 White Book) Guide Second Edition 2001

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The White Book has been prepared in the three stages. The objective of the first stage was to edit the IGRA 1979 (D&S) document into simpler language and a more logical order, and to develop it into a format consistent with the FIDIC style traditionally adopted for its other standard forms of conditions of contract. see References (14) and (15) in Chapter VIII. The last, more difficult, stage was to refine the provisions of liability insurance and indemnity. A draft version of the White Book was reviewed by the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and a joint committee from the Arab Funds. Many comments resulting from theses reviews were incorporated into the final document.

The purpose of the White Book Guide is twofold, namely;

  • to assist those who wish to draft Consultancy Agreements using the White Book as published or as the main reference, and to provide some insights into the rationale for the White Book's provisions and the content of the Guide dealing with completing an Agreement based on the White Book.

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