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Sub-Consultancy Agreement Second Edition 2017

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ISBN: 978-2-88432-080-1

THE SUB-CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT has been developed from the Fifth Edition 2017 of the Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement “White Book” and is intended to be used where a Consultant appointed under the White Book wishes to engage a Sub-Consultant to undertake part of the Services. The Sub-Consultancy Agreement therefore incorporates many of the terms and conditions of the White Book such that the obligations and rights of the Sub-Consultant are largely consistent with those of the Consultant under the White Book.

It is intended that the head contract («the Client / Consultant Agreement») is appended at Annex A such that the Sub-Consultant will have its own copy of the Client / Consultant Agreement and can see the obligations undertaken by the Consultant and for which the Sub-Consultant is now engaged. The Client /Consultant Agreement appended at Annex A need not include matters that do not concern the Sub-Consultancy Agreement and need not include commercial matters as between the Consultant and the Client. Annex A does not form part of the Sub-Consultancy Agreement but is a document referred to in it that must be complied with in the same way as a code of practice or a building regulation.

Whilst the Sub-Consultancy Agreement has been written specifically to facilitate the appointment of a Sub-Consultant where the Consultant is appointed under the primary FIDIC form of a Client/Consultant Model Agreement (the White Book) it may equally be used, with minimal amendments, where the head contract is not the White Book. As noted with the new FIDIC White Book, FIDIC has acknowledged that there are numerous similar forms of Agreement in many countries, but very few agreements for sub-consultants. This then is offered to the market as a stand-alone best practice.

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