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Model Subconsultancy Agreement and Specific Data Oct 2021

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This Subconsultancy Agreement has been developed by Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) for use where a consulting engineering firm employs the services of another professional services provider subconsultancy services. The professional services provider appointed as a subconsultant may be another consulting engineer or any other specialist professional services provider. The document intended to be used where the consulting engineer has been appopinted by the client in terms of the CESA Model Professional Services Agreement, May 2021 edition and the wording, terms and conditions, as well the format of this Subconsultancy Agreement follow that of the CESA Model Professional Services Agreement. This document replaces all previous SAACE and CESA Subconsultancy Agreements.

The Subconsultancy Agreement is made up of the following components:

Conditions of Subconsultancy Agreement

The standard clauses defining the responsibilities of the parties on matters which would normally be applicatble to all forms of appointment.

Subconsultancy Agreement and Subconsultancy Specific Data

The formal document which will be completed and signed by the two parties. Any amendments to the Conditions of Subconsultancy Agreement must be recorded and incorporated into Subconsultancy Specific Data.

Appendix A: Scope of Services, Remuneration, Time for Completion, Agreement, and Additional Documents

The Consuting engineer and subconsultant will specify the scope of the services which the subconsultant is required to perform for a project, or portion of project, and will define the remuneration, or the method of determining theremuneration, to be paid to the subconsultant for performing the subconsultancy services.

Appendix A1 and A2 should be created specifically for each project, failing which the ECSA Guideline Scope of Services and Tariff of Fees for Persons Registered in terms of the Engineering Profession Act 2000 (Act No. 46 of 2000), as amended, shall apply. The ECSA Guideline document may be used as is, or amended to suit particular requirements.

Appendix A3 describes the time for the completion of the subconsultancy services.

Appendix A4 includes all sections of the Agreement between the client and the consulting engineer, insofar as these are applicable to the subconsultancy agreement.

Appendix A5 allows for various additional documents to be appended as may be required by the consulting engineer.

This document is produced in a format that allows the sections required to form the Subconsultancy Agreement for a project to be presented as a single project specific document. Any additional pages required should be attached to the relevant section of the document.

All changes or amendments to the standard conditions of this document required for a project should be dealt with in the Subconsultany Specific Data and not by altering the standard wording.

Words or expressions are defined in clause 1.1 of the Conditions of Subconsultancy Agreement.

This document can be ordered from Ms Patience Tsotetsi at Tel: 011 463 2022 or Email: patience@cesa.co.za.