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Short Form of Agreement October 2021

Price: R 217.39 EXCL VAT
Stock Code: 1512

The Short Form of Agreement has been development by Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) in response to the needs of consulting engineers and their clients. The Short Form of Agreement is intended for use on routine, smaller projects of a relatively low value and short duration and where  only a single consulting engineer is appointed. It is also ideally suited to specialist engineering appointments such as investigations, reports and similar studies.

The Short Form of Agreement is not suitable for use on multi-discliplinary projects, not for large, complex construction projects of any type. It is also not suitable for professional appointments involving joint ventures or subconsulting arrangements. Generally use of the Short Form of Agreement should be limited to projects of a relatively short duration (less that, say, twelve months) and value (less than, say, R5 million).

All changes or amendments to the standard conditions of this document required for a project should be dealt with in the Speciafic Data and not by altering the standard wording.

Words or expressions are defined in clause 1.1 of the Conditions of Agreement.

October 2021

This document can be ordered from Ms Patience Tsotetsi at Tel: 011 463 2022 or Email: patience@cesa.co.za.