28 April: COVID-19 Communique: Latest Developments on the Part of the CC19RRTT interaction with Government

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Dear Colleagues

Please find links to the most recent submissions made to the Department of Public Works & Infrastructure (DPWI) as well as to the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) under separate covering letters, on 25 April 2020. These submissions were made following direct discussions with these Departments with the focus areas being on their request i.e. Health and Safety Protocols for Returning to Work, Detailed information for incorporating into contracts in respect of H & S Contract Provisions and an Advisory Summary on the Force Majeure implications for all Contract Types (specifically requested by DPWI) . These Ministries will give input to the National Disaster Command Centre where appropriate, if not utilised internally, and what we will see is COGTA then making available revised Regulations that pertain to the Construction Sector.





Please be advised though that the Guidelines as submitted are proposals which still have to be accepted and formally published by COGTA who are the custodians of formalising Regulations for Covid 19 Disaster Management. One may even find that COGTA refers to revised Regulations which are published by  DEL, much in the same way they have done for the Public Transport Regulations published through the Dept. of Transport. Should our efforts be successful, there will be a strong chance of getting all of the Industry back to work not too much longer after Stage 4, which kicks in on 4 May 2020.

Either way please use the material advisedly until such time that actual Regulations are promulgated. You may want to in the interim look at how you within your own firms develop a Health and Safety Protocols plan for  returning to work, managing your risks with the exposures staff may have since Professional Services are allowed back at work at Stage 4 but you still want to exercise caution and not be seen to be contributing to risk of a second spike in infections.

The additional document in this pack, submitted 27 April 2020 is a submission to COGTA, for reconsidering the extension of Essential Services beyond what has currently been considered for level 4, which feedback we should see before 4 May 2020.

We will keep you posted on the next submissions that seek to encourage a ramp up in the partnership between Private and Public Sector on Infrastructure Development to kickstart the economy, encompassing the need to address all of the challenges we have been facing as an industry even before the Covid 19 outbreak.  Something requested of the Task Team by the DPWI. Getting action on this front and not just talk will be the positive turning point for our industry.

Watch This Space  !!!   

Christopher (Chris) Campbell Pr. Eng.

Chief Executive Officer

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