School Event

Road to registration for Candidate Engineers,Technologists and Technicians


The Candidate Academy’s philosophy is to support graduates (candidates) on their road to registration with ECSA, by helping them through the transition from theoretical training to the “how” of engineering projects and processes.   The Academy offers practical, hands-on-training relevant to experiences in the workplace.   Courses should only be attended immediately prior to the candidate commencing the project phase addressed in the course.    

Course Description

This one-day course will help newly employed graduates, who should be ideally registered as candidates, to understand and navigate their way to achieve ECSA registration as competent engineers/technologists/technicians.   The course has been developed to assist candidates and employers alike and includes tools to make up a workplace training plan, with digital enhancements to make the planning, tracking and reporting of activities easier to manager.   Portfolio of Evidence files will also be available to offer safe and logical storage of all precious originals for future reference.

Course Outline

·         Roles and responsibilities of players

·         Developing workplace training plans

·         Engineering competencies and outcomes

·         The ECSA registration process

·         The value of the Portfolio of Evidence

·         Essential supplementary training for candidates

Learning Outcomes

·         Understanding the workplace and level of competence required for registration

·         Helping you to plan the training that you need

·         Guiding you through the ECSA registration process and show you how to fill in the forms and templates

·         Helping you understand the responsibilities in the candidate phase and your relationship with mentors, supervisors and coaches

Who Should Attend?

Course participants should be registered with ECSA as Candidate Engineers, Technologists or Technicians, or should be in the process of registering and entering a structured training programme.

This event has been cancelled