CESA and AON Celebrating Engineering Excellence

Johannesburg, 15 June 2018 Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) and the engineering community are once again gearing up for another spectacular occasion celebrating innovation, quality, outstanding workmanship and professionalism in the engineering industry.
Frequently, we talk about the fact that we live in a globalised world. The relevance of this in our quest for excellence is that we need to measure ourselves against global standards and benchmarks.

The CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards dubbed the ‘Oscars of the Engineering World’ will be held on the 15th August 2018 at Vodacom World, in Midrand. This prominent industry event sponsored by Aon South Africa is one of the highlights in the engineering and construction industry calendar and the 2018 Awards promise to be better than ever.
This year, CESA expanded the award’s categories to include ‘The Lifetime Industry Achievement Award’, a discretionary award to recognise an individual who has contributed significantly to the development and promotion of the Consulting Engineering Industry in South Africa during their lifetime.
This year over 46 submissions were received. The Awards Function is widely attended by the engineering who's who of South Africa, including Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers, Academics, Institutions as well as Client bodies from both the Public and Private Sectors. The awards provide CESA with the opportunity to showcase the extent to which local built-environment professionals provide the best in engineering expertise. 
“The Awards are about recognising and thanking all the participants for their role played in the country’s infrastructure development, a key requirement for economic growth of our country”, proclaims CESA CEO Chris Campbell.
He adds that an enormous responsibility rests on the shoulders of consulting engineers in delivering cost effective and appropriate engineering solutions that stand the test of time.
Aon South Africa, Business Unit Manager for Professional Risks, Meggyn Marot says that the dynamic environment in which engineers operate means that they are faced with so much more than the challenges of design implementation or complex project management. Today’s professional engineering consultant is faced with many threats to business health and growth beyond what has ever been experienced before. Proactive risk planning and pre-empting of the range of interlinked threats faced by engineers cannot be over emphasised.   
“Integrated risk management strategies need to be at the heart of every project to manage and mitigate the risks faced by engineers. Aon facilitates a variety of risk management and insurance solutions to these challenges to allow a business to prosper in the face of adverse risks. Those who prioritise risk management have found value and comfort in the extensive insurance solutions and experienced advice that Aon provides to CESA members. We operate in an era where finding the right partner to navigate the risks one faces becomes paramount – it’s a task best undertaken with a professional broker with deep sector-specific expertise,” Marot urges.
These prestigious awards provide CESA and its Member Firms, the opportunity to boast about the extent of innovation and expertise in an industry where engineering excellence is rewarded above profit margins. They are about thanking all the participants for their important contribution to the growth of our country, given the pivotal role that CESA member firms play in the South African society and economy.
CESA is proud to showcase our country’s magnitude of engineering talent and reward their innovative engineering solutions, celebrating excellence in the delivery of basic services to our people. 
The Awards are a source of pride as we witness how the consulting engineering industry is striving to attain excellence and to perform in ways that are comparable to best practices and standards from across the world.
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